How Science Balances Mind and Body

Sport Psychology is an evidence based approach to improving performance on the sports field. There are decades of evidence, data and research that support and underpin the concept of peak performance.

Behavioural and neuroscience identifies how the mind and body are linked in terms of neurons, the phrenic and vagus nerves just to name some that prove that you cannot just focus on one area of your health and wellbeing.

All of the worlds top performers engage in this activity so as to being totally prepared when exceptional performance is needed. They are able to perform consistently under pressure due to mastering their emotions, thoughts and actions and to be totally prepared when things go wrong or they experience events outside of their control.

This course is built upon evidence and has been sold in 88 countries and we are lucky to have over 300 reviews of a 4* or 5* rating level. It works and I have used this approach with my sporting and business clients all over the world.

Balance Mental and Physical Skills

This course will introduce you to the mental and physical skills that all elite performers engage in to give themselves the competitive advantage. It will help you to understand and also teach you how to develop these skills for peak and optimal performance. Sport psychology and neuroscience is a powerful combination to retrain and to rewire your brain's structures and chemical composition. Poor health and wellbeing is often a choice and always leads to failure.
sport psychology online course to develop mental skills for sporting success


This course is perfect for anybody wishing to get their body and mind back in to harmony. Easy actions that you can implement for better mental health and wellbeing of body.

  • Understand how the body and mind cannot be isolated from each other.

  • Learn and change what we think so as to affect all our actions.

  • Become aware that there are different forms of body and mind anxiety.

  • Practice 10 simple steps towards complete joy and happiness.

  • Develop the skills needed to solve any problem that is troubling you.

  • Most forms of stress and anxiety arise from not being in the moment.

  • Enjoy a robust, resilient disposition that overcomes anything and bounce back.

Online Course Content

  • 1

    Introduction to Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

    • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Promo

    • MBCT Course Summary

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Background Information on MBCT

    • About MBCT

    • Who is MBCT for?

    • The Cognitive Model

    • Fundamentals of the MBCT Approach

  • 3

    Understand the 10 Simple Steps

    • Understand the 10 Steps

  • 4

    What is the TRIGS Model?

    • What is TRIGS?

    • Thoughts

    • Thoughts Workbook

    • Relaxation

    • Relaxation Workbook

    • Imagery

    • Imagery Workbook

    • Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting Workbook

    • Self Talk

    • Self Talk Workbook

  • 5

    Mindfulness and Awareness

    • What is Mindfulness & Awareness?

    • Mindfulness Workbook

    • Mindfulness & Awareness

    • Mindfulness 8 Lesson Core Booklet

    • Mindfulness Training Week 1

    • Mindfulness Week 1 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 2

    • Mindfulness Week 2 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 3

    • Mindfulness Week 3 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 4

    • Mindfulness Week 4 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 5

    • Mindfulness Week 5 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 6

    • Mindfulness Week 6 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 7

    • Mindfulness Week 7 Audio

    • Mindfulness Training Week 8

    • Mindfulness Week 8 Audio

  • 6

    What is the SERP Model?

    • What is SERP?

    • Sleep

    • Sleep Workbook

    • Exercise

    • Exercise Workbook

    • Resilience

    • Resilience Workbook

    • Problem Solving

    • Problem Solving Workbook

  • 7

    Conclusion to the MBCT Model Approach

    • MBCT Conclusion 1

    • MBCT Conclusion 2

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