How Brain Motivation Gives You The Edge

Motivation is the true driver of all human behaviour and is turned on and off in the brain according to fear, desire, drive and safety needs. Our REPEAT Model (The route to exceptional performance each actual time) will introduce you to a simple and powerful system that will take you step by step from where you are today to anywhere you want to be or anything that you want to achieve at some future date.

Performance psychology and performance science is the difference between athletes, performers and any human beings who are matched equally in terms of physical and technical abilities. This difference is considered to be the mental edge.

All of the worlds top athletes engage in this activity so as to being totally prepared when exceptional performance is needed. They are able to perform consistently under pressure due to mastering their emotions, thoughts and actions and to be totally prepared when things go wrong or they experience events outside of their control.

This course is built upon evidence and has been sold in 88 countries and we are lucky to have over 300 reviews of a 4* or 5* rating level. It works and I have used this approach with my sporting and business clients all over the world.

Ignite Brain Motivation

This course will introduce you to the winning motivational skills that all elite performers engage in to give themselves the competitive advantage. It will help you to understand and also teach you how to develop these skills for peak and optimal performance. Performance psychology and neuroscience is a powerful combination to retrain and to rewire your brain's structures and chemical composition.
brain motivation for success


This course is perfect for anyone wishing to understand how motivation works and how they can ignite their reserves to drive them forward quickly and effectively towards any chosen goals.

  • Develop motivation from an intrinsic brain perspective.

  • Learn how to control the balance between approach and avoid mindsets.

  • Achieve Mastery over your goals and desired outcomes.

  • Understand how to change neural pathways for a better psychology.

  • Perform under Pressure every time that you step out onto the field.

  • Follow our simple R.E.P.E.A.T. Model from thought to performance.

  • Stop procrastinating, delaying and avoiding everything that you want to achieve.

Online Course Content

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Performance Mindset Trailer

    • REPEAT Model Narrative

    • REPEAT Model Introduction

    • REPEAT Model Workbook

    • Introduction to the REPEAT Model

    • Summary of Module 1 and Introduction to Module 2

  • 2

    The Neuroscience of Performance

    • REPEAT Model and Neuroscience

    • Summary of Module 2 and Introduction to Module 3

  • 3

    Understand what really happens to you when you are under pressure

    • Understand What Happens to you Under Pressure

    • Summary of Module 3 and Introduction to Module 4

  • 4

    Enjoy a Challenge Mindset

    • Enjoy a Challenge Mindset

    • Summary of Module 4 and Introduction to Module 5

  • 5

    The Smartest Thinking

    • SMART Thinking

    • Summary of Module 5 and Introduction to Module 6

  • 6

    Improve Your Mental Skills Balance

    • Improve the Balance in your Mental Skills

    • Summary of Module 6 and Introduction to Module 7

  • 7

    Supreme Neuro Confidence

    • Total Neuro Confidence

    • Summary of Module 7 and Introduction to Module 8

  • 8

    Take Full Control of your Focus and Attention

    • Focus Control

    • Summary of Module 8 and Introduction to Module 9

  • 9

    Do you Avoid or do you Approach? Time to Switch

    • Succeeding in Approach v Avoid Mindset

    • Summary of Module 9 and Introduction to Module 10

  • 10

    You must Learn to Regulate Yourself

    • Regulate You by Knowing Thyself

    • Summary of Module 10 and Introduction to Module 11

  • 11

    It's Time to Learn How to Adapt to Pressure

    • Learn how to adapt under pressure

    • Summary of Module 11 and Introduction to Module 12

  • 12

    Let's look ahead to your Full Potential

    • Towards your own and full Potential

    • REPEAT Model Course Summary

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