How Sport Psychology Gives You The Edge

Sport Psychology is an evidence based approach to improving performance on the sports field. There are decades of evidence, data and research that support and underpin the concept of peak performance.

Sport psychology and performance science is the difference between athletes, performers and sportsmen and women who are matched equally in terms of physical and technical abilities. This difference is considered to be the mental edge.

All of the worlds top athletes engage in this activity so as to being totally prepared when exceptional performance is needed. They are able to perform consistently under pressure due to mastering their emotions, thoughts and actions and to be totally prepared when things go wrong or they experience events outside of their control.

This course is built upon evidence and has been sold in 88 countries and we are lucky to have over 300 reviews of a 4* or 5* rating level. It works and I have used this approach with my sporting and business clients all over the world.

Champion Mental Skills

This course will introduce you to the winning mental skills that all elite performers engage in to give themselves the competitive advantage. It will help you to understand and also teach you how to develop these skills for peak and optimal performance. Sport psychology and neuroscience is a powerful combination to retrain and to rewire your brain's structures and chemical composition.
sport psychology online course to develop mental skills for sporting success


This course is perfect for amateur, weekend players, part time and professional sports people and performers who wish to understand all the areas of mental skills training that affect performance.

  • Develop Mental Toughness and the Champion's Mindset.

  • Learn how to control all of your emotions, thoughts and actions.

  • Achieve Mastery in your Sport through total control of your mind.

  • Understand how to change neural pathways for a better psychology.

  • Perform under Pressure every time that you step out onto the field.

  • Develop the sporting skills of drive, direction, control and mastery.

  • Build psychological and emotional resilience to overcome adversity.

Online Course Content

  • 1

    Introduction to Sport Psychology for Mental Toughness in all Sports

    • The Mental Champion Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Mental Champion Course Workbook

    • Performance Psychology for Sports

    • Mental Toughness Assessment

  • 2

    How to develop a professional's attitude

    • Professional Attitude

  • 3

    Exceptional Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting

    • Goal Setting Exercises

  • 4

    Motivation, Desire and Drive

    • Motivation

    • Motivation Example

  • 5

    Interim Course Progress

    • Course Progress

  • 6

    Intensity, Anxiety and Stress

    • Intensity

    • Intensity Demonstration

  • 7

    Focus, Attention and Concentration

    • Focus, Attentional Processing and Concentration

    • Concentration Examples

    • Concentration Numbers Exercise

  • 8

    How to become Psychologically Prepared

    • Psychological Preparation

    • Psychological Preparation Exercises

  • 9

    How to have supreme Self Confidence

    • Self Confidence

  • 10

    Master and Control your Emotions

    • Mastery over Emotional Control

    • Emotional Control Examples

    • Emotions Matrix Exercise

  • 11

    Mental Rehearsal, Imagery and Visualisation

    • Mental Rehearsal

    • Mental Rehearsal Demonstration

  • 12

    Get Control of your Thoughts and Critical Self Talk

    • Thought Control

    • Self Talk Examples

    • Self Talk Narrative

  • 13

    Develop Mental Toughness

    • Mental Toughness

    • Mental Toughness Examples

  • 14

    Psychology in Teams

    • Team Dynamics & Cohesion

    • Team Psychology Examples

  • 15

    Final Course Summary

    • The Mental Champion Course Summary

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